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    Isolation bearing


    1, the system of rubber bearing isolation principle

    Rubber bearing isolation building is on the basis of building between the upper structure and set up the rubber bearing, the isolation to the upper structure and foundation, building to isolate the seismic energy.

    Earthquake is transmitted wave form of energy. Traditional houses "rigid seismic methods by increasing section size, improve the level of strength of materials, in order to improve the anti-seismic ability. But the disadvantage is that allows building structure damage and improve the project cost, to resist earthquake.

    Isolation building, takes a different approach by adopting the method of "flexible isolation", the building foundation and foundation between up and down it with the isolation layer partition, make up more than 80% of the seismic energy cannot pass, earthquake ground shaking and room, improve the anti-seismic ability.

    The rubber isolation bearing can reduce the earthquake action, to eliminate or alleviate the damage of the structure or structure. Compared with the conventional seismic isolation building safety can be increased by about 90% of the building. The result not only houses will not damage, collapse, functional system will not be damaged; Can don't have to be evacuated, work as usual.

    The earthquake experts call it "the world earthquake in 40 years engineering one of the most important achievements, the use of base isolation technique to make the building is not really possible, collapsed in the earthquake makes it become one of the most effective means to mitigate earthquake disaster."

    Isolation technology development and the status quo

    Base isolation concept was first by the Japanese scholar and hao river in 1881.

    In France in 1977 for the first time the rubber isolation technology applied in nuclear reactor; New Zealand in 1984 built the first 4 of the laminated rubber bearing layer building;

    The United States in 1985 built the first four layers of laminated rubber bearing isolation building California SAN ding judicial affairs center;

    In Japan in 1986 built a 5 layer technology center building, using lead core rubber isolation bearing.

    At present, there are about more than 30 countries in the world in research in this area, the technology has been used in Bridges, buildings, and even nuclear facilities. So far, has been built around the world more than 4000 rubber isolation building.

    Since the 80 s, the base isolation study began to pay more attention to in our country, the domestic many scholars on the international popular base isolation system is studied, has made great progress. Now, our country has built more than 1000 buildings of the laminated rubber isolation building.

    Modern isolation technology has experienced 30 years of history, has been widely used, the degree of isolation technology application in Japan and other countries, keep pace with seismic technology; China will in 2008 () on the application area of more than Japan.

    China's seismic policy is: "small earthquakes not bad, the shock repairable, flame." So now, the construction of a house is to allow the earthquake damage, such as: the insurance company basically no buildings against earthquake risks.

    Our country is a "life not protect property" the basic policy.

    The present status of earthquake is: high dangerous city, unprotected rural!

    The proposition "improve building safety reserve" will be a long-term national policy.

    2, the applicable scope,

    1, hospital, financial, school, communication, fire control, electric power and other important building;

    2, put the house of the valuable equipment, instrument and monuments,

    3, other industrial and civil buildings;

    4, city road, highway railway bridge, the subway;

    5, electrical equipment, isolation device;

    6, floating oil storage tanks and pipelines;

    7, nuclear power plant;

    8, vibration isolation of the equipment.

    3, product specifications:

    > > natural rubber laminated rubber bearing

    > > lead core rubber isolation bearing

    > > natural rubber laminated rubber bearing

    > > lead core rubber isolation bearing