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    公司前身是始建于1971年的丹陽市船舶橡膠廠,是一家有著40多年橡膠技術研發和生產經驗的技術型企業。公司自有品牌為CDSR(西沙),也是中國丹陽船舶橡膠(China Danyang Ship Rubber)的英文首字母縮寫。




    The company predecessor was Danyang Ship Rubber Factory which was founded in 1971. Jiangsu CDSR Technology Co. Ltd. is a technological enterprise which has more than 40 years of experience in rubber technology, the development and manufacture of rubber products. The company’s own brand CDSR is also an acronym for China Danyang Ship Rubber.

    Specialising in the business of offshore oil transportation and dredging equipment by providing GMPHOM 2009 flexible Oil Hoses, Dredging Hoses, PE pipes, HDPE pipes, Rubber Fenders and Oil Containment Fences.

    We can provide you, the customer, with high quality products, a professional thorough service, competitive prices and customised products to suit your individual requirements.

    The mission of the enterprise:- create added value for customers, joint benefits with related parties and let the world share in the success of CDSR.